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I have searched the web and put together a list of web sites that people with diabetes may find helpful.

Please e-mail your suggestions of other web sites that you have found helpful in managing your diabetes. The American Diabetes Association Children with Diabetes is a great news and information center for children with diabetes. Sells Meters, Test Strips and other diabetic needs Miss Brooke's company sells emergency I.D. charms for children Diabetes Health Library Preferred Rx is an on-line pharmacy Sells Cozy Cottage sugar-free syrup This is a very informational web site for Foot Care.  It is an easy place to find a Podiatrist or Shoe Store in your area. Nutritional guidance and informative links Information site with links for diabetics An online Diabetes website with free supplies and diabetes care. Sells bottles of low carb, concentrated, natural fruit flavors designed to enhance tap or bottled waters. Vitajet 3 sells a needle free injection system Medport, Inc. sells insulin travel cases My Sugar Babies sells books that cover Type 1 diabetes Goldware medical jewelry Sugar Smart has products and information for people with diabetes Apex Foot Health sells ambulatory biomedical footwear Glucometer Diabetes Care Systems Regranex is a gel for healing foot ulcers Accu-chek sells test strips Sells Duet Diabetes Control System (meters) Sells Humalog insulin products Becton Dickinson sells a variety of diabetic products Quest Star Medical, Inc. sells a blood sugar monitoring system Disetronic Medical Systems offers cyber chat and library resources on their website. I.D. Technology, Inc. sells medical tags Medic Alert sells medical I.D. and information system Medicool, Inc. sells travel cases for insulin and diabetic products Medi-Ject Corp. sells a needle free injection system Minimed Inc., sells insulin pumps Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Inc. sells insulin products Nutrition Food Supplements
http:/ Shopping directory for various products SOS America, Inc. sells emergency I.D. products

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Links to other Diabetic Sites

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