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Hi, I'm Arlene. 

 I am the President of
Diabetic Candy .com and I would like to introduce myself.

My Aunt Judy was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997.  In 1998 she began taking insulin to control her blood sugar level.  She used to love ice cream, bagels and of course chocolate.  But then all of these foods became unavailable to her.  I shopped high and I shopped low to find great tasting Sugar-Free sweets,and now I've put these sweets on my web site for you.  Please look around and try some, I'm sure you will be happily surprised!

I have personally selected all these products for their nutritional values, ingredients, and of course for their delicious scrumptious taste. Some are fat free, low fat or cholesterol free, but all my sweets are Sugar-Free.

Most of our products have the American Diabetic Association's suggestions on food exchange value on the packages. Diabetics may find these sugar-free products useful in their diet on the advise of their physician. As in all sugar-free products using sweetener substitutes, sensitive individuals may experience a mild laxative effect.  So enjoy, but please do so in moderation.

I want you to be healthy.


Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions or suggestions about our products.

E-mail: arlene@diabeticcandy.com

Or call Arlene at 973-446-5684

Diabetic Candy.com, LLC

PO Box 138

Hibernia, NJ 07842


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Diabetic Candy.com, LLC

P.O. Box 138
Hibernia, NJ 07842




All of our products are sugar free

Most of our delicious treats are sweetened naturally with Maltitol or Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, but none of our sweets have refined sugar.

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